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Northwest Flea Mart, A Flea Market Serving Portland Oregon and the World

A Flea Market to buy and sell online with full featured ads with photos FREE, Forum, Auction, Classifieds, and more.

flea mart to buy and sell new and used junk cheep, find good stuff.

Please check all the pages on our Flea Market, you might be surprised at what you may find.

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What Northwest Flea Mart Has To Offer

- Local and National Classifieds -
Free Online Classifieds

We have a lot of categories to select from, you can upload 6 pictures with each ad, your Classified ads are FREE for 365 days but will need to be relisted every 30 days and can be relisted as many times as you need, if you don't want to relist each month you can list for a longer time, but we do charge for this service and extras like Ad Bolding, Better Placement and Featured Ads are available, we use PayPal.

The best thing is that your Classified ad is listed in search engines within 24 hrs.

Free Online Flea Market Auction

You will find that it works like big boys Auction with most of the features found on their sites, No posting or ending fees, there is a small fee for the extras, check the pricing list for optional features, all instructions are on the site so be sure to read them and refer to them if you need help and you can always request help by contacting us. We hope you will support us in getting our auction up and running.

Free Flea Market Directory

You can place a text ad with one picture for your flea market, FREE for up to a year, It can be changed any time, or if you know of a flea market that is not listed please feel free to list it. Please make sure it is a valid flea market.

Free Wholesale Dealer Directory

If You have merchandise that you sell at Wholesale you can place a text ad here with a picture. Our vendors need places to buy products to sell on their flea market sites, and we would like to give them a place to find what they need.

Our Plans For The Flea Mart Future


Keep an eye out for something New at Northwest Flea Mart (More User Functions) Here soon. We will be adding more features soon.
We plan to promote this Flea Mart and make it work for you, and would like to make it a place you can trust and depend on.
We are looking for a good calendar program as well as some other programs that will provide all the tools for a one stop flea Market.
We will be adding a garage sale area and a swap meet area in the near future, and more as time permits.

Turn Your Junk Into Money

Did you know you have money all over your home, or business that you could have to spend on new things, take a look around your home and find the things that you don't use any more like that old computer, bike, camera, toys, antiques, and the list is endless. You can look at your old books and find the ones with self help, people like to find out how to do things, and the paper backs sell real well. You can also sell crafts or craft supplies that you don't need any more, old toys that the kids grew out of, dolls, doll house and furniture, look in the garage and find old tools, bicycle, motorcycles, scooter, or even car and boat. You may have had a garage sale or yard sale; you can put this stuff online in the flea mart and sell 24/7. You would be surprised what people will buy, and why they want your old junk, some of them collect, or use your old stuff. Some of the less fortunate can get things they can't afford because you aren't going to sell it at new prices. This is just a few of the reasons why I set up this flea market.

It gives you a place to advertise 24 - 7 - 365 days a year.

FastTech - thousands of gadgets at great prices.

FastTech - Vaper's one stop shop - great prices and free shipping

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