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About Us

Hi my name Ken, I am the Owner of this site.

I have been in computer repair for over 20 years and am no longer doing any repair and have had this site set up for most of the time I did repair, and had no time to make it work the way I wanted it to work, now I have the time to work on it and keep it up to date. I will be updating it a lot now as funds allow.

I hope you enjoy this website, I set it up for you to buy and sell the things you want to buy or need to sell.

I have put a bit of information bellow that might help you make plans on how you can use this site.

Did you know you have money all over your home, or business that you could have to spend on new things, take a look around your home and find the things that you don't use any more like that old computer, bike, camera, toys, antiques, and the list is endless. You can look at your old books and find the ones with self help, people like to find out how to do things, and the paper backs sell real well. You can also sell crafts or craft supplies that you don't need any more, old toys that the kids grew out of, dolls, doll house and furniture, look in the garage and find old tools, bicycle, motorcycles, scooter, or even car and boat. You may have had a garage sale or yard sale; you can put this stuff online in the flea mart and sell 24/7. You would be surprised what people will buy, and why they want your old junk, some of them collect, or use your old stuff. Some of the less fortunate can get things they can't afford because you aren't going to sell it at new prices. This is just a few of the reasons why I set up this flea market.

Thank You and have Fun